The Top 5 FREE Health Apps You Need to Have!

Just like everyone else in this day-and-age, I have a ridiculously busy schedule. But, I always make sure to squeeze in exercise and eat healthy. As a nutrition grad, I naturally find it very important to keep up with healthy lifestyle. So for your ease, I have found 5 FREE apps that will help you stay on top of things!

1. MyFitnessPal

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, but it is one of the best apps I’ve found for easily tracking nutrition and calories. Tracking and journaling food is the most simple way to really comprehend what you’re putting into your body. You may discover once you start tracking that the foods you’re eating contain more unhealthy ingredients and are higher in calories than you expected! It’s a great way to tune into yourself and really understand your eating habits and why you reach for the foods that you do.

With the ability to search for hundreds of different foods, you can get real accuracy on the nutritional content of what you’re eating. The app even lets you know if you’ve met your nutritional needs for the day, or if you’re falling short in some areas. Also, you are given a daily calorie count based on the information you provide to the app. So every time you enter a food, the calorie count will adjust accordingly, and show you how many calories you have left for the day. You can even add in your physical activity and water intake too! I think every one would benefit from having this app!

2. FitStar

 This app is the personal trainer in your pocket! I love utilizing this app when I need to work out in a time crunch! You don’t need anything but an open space! This app combines cardio and strength moves to give you the highest quality workout. All you need is 20 minutes tops to complete a workout! Unfortunately, with the free option you only get two workouts a week. This isn’t an issue for me though, because I like to switch up my workouts to keep things from getting boring! I would recommend this app because the workouts are quick, challenging, and tailored to you.

3. FitStar Yoga

 This app is great for both the yoga novice and the yoga expert. Similar to FitStar, you get your own personal virtual yoga trainer as well as personalized workouts. These workouts are less than a half an hour and will make you work up a sweat! There’s also a lot of great stretching options within the app too to work on flexibility.  I personally love to do a workout from the FitStar app and then follow up with a FitStar yoga session. It’s a great combo.

4. Running for Weight Loss

I will be the first to admit it… I.hate.running. I would rather stare at a wall and watch paint dry…. When I discovered this app, my attitude completely changed! The Running app coaches you through interval running. You can select whether you want to do an outdoor or indoor session. During your run, your “coach” will instruct you when to change from a sprint to a jog. The thing I love most about this app is the awesome song playlist that comes with it. Having good music makes running so much easier! if you hate running like me, give this app a shot!

5. Plant Nanny

This is the cutest thing I have ever downloaded onto my phone… This feels more like a game than a health tool. When you first download the app, you’ll enter your weight and it will calculate how much water you should be drinking a day. To my surprise, I should be drinking 20oz more water than I thought I should be! When you drink a glass of water, you input the data by “watering” your plant with the same amount of water. If you drink your goal amount of water, you keep your little plant healthy and allow it to grow! The app will send you notifications to make sure you stay on track and keep your water intake up! Plant Nanny makes drinking water fun!


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